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EUPISD PAC Needs Members

The EUPISD Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is a committee promoting a partnership between families and professionals in the education of students with disabilities, by providing communication, awareness and collaboration between parents, community, local school districts, and the Intermediate School District.

PAC meetings are held 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District, located at 315 Armory Place, Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783. All parents and caregivers of a child receiving special education services are encouraged to attend. Please call ahead to confirm the meeting date, time, and location. Below is the meeting schedule for the 2012/2013 School Year.

The Parent Advisory Committee representatives are appointed by local school districts and approved by the ISD board. Care is given in this process to assure, to the extent possible, that the PAC membership represents the various disabilities of students enrolled in programs throughout our region. We are continually looking for new members. If you would like to become a part of the Parent Advisory Committee, write to your local school district expressing your interest. Your request will be given to the school board for approval and then sent to the Intermediate School District for final approval. You will be notified when this process is complete.

PAC members are accessible to local parents for support and information. Some of the duties of the Parent Advisory Committee members are:

  • to act as liaisons between parents, local school districts, and the Eastern Upper Peninsula ISD,
  • to provide support and information to parents that have a student(s) with a disability
  • to attend community functions to support awareness of students with disabilities
  • to provide feedback on the EUPISD Special Education Plan
  • to establish a communication network between the Parent Advisory Committee and all parents/guardians of students with disabilities within the Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District

Questions regarding the PAC may be directed to any committee member. Each member is willing to help you become more aware of the services available to you and your child. Contact Rachel Fuerer at 906 632-3373, Ext. 103 at the Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District for current PAC member contact information.

Meeting Schedule For The 2012-2013 School Year

September 24, 2012: Business Meeting

October 22, 2012: Presentation – Autism, Carrie Carr, Cancelled

November 12, 2012: Business Meeting

January 28, 2013: Presentation – Early Childhood Programs & Services in the EUP

February 25, 2013: Presentation – Reading Intervention in the EUP

March 18, 2013: Business Meeting

April 22, 2013: Presentation – To Be Determined

May 13, 2013: Awards Ceremony (tent)

June 17, 2013: Business Meeting (Set next year’s agenda)

Michigan Public Education Finance Project Draft Bill

The Governor asked Richard McLellan, Mary Kay Shields and Peter Ruddell to propose a new Michigan Public Education Finance Act to replace the existing School Aid Act of 1979 incorporating the policies articulated in the Governor’s Special Message on Education issued April 27, 2011.

The new Michigan Public Education Finance Act of 2013 is aimed at creating a public education funding system that allows a student to learn “Any Time, Any Place, Any Way and Any Pace,” and create the path toward more robust performance-based funding. Below are five major concepts included in the draft.

1. Removal of District “Ownership” of a Student. A student will be allowed to take a course, multiple courses or the student’s entire bundled education package from any public education district in the state. A local school district will maintain its ability to determine whether to participate in open enrollment.

2. Creation of Online Learning Options with Performance Funding. Technology is changing the delivery of instruction to students. A student will be allowed to access instruction from across the state using advancing technology. The district providing the online course will immediately receive public funding, based on performance measures. Again, a district will not limit a student’s choices.

3. Funding will truly follow the Student. Under the current model, a school receives 90% of its state general education funding based on where a student sits on the first Wednesday in October. We create a dynamic system, where the funding will actually follow the student. 15 other states are already using the Average Daily Membership method for allocating funds.

4. Framework for Performance-based Funding for all courses. We are setting the framework for the full implementation of computer-adaptive student growth and assessment tools that are on the horizon. We are maintaining the current growth funding incentives for the next fiscal year until the Smarter Balanced assessment and the recommendations from the Michigan Council on Educator Effectiveness are complete.

5. Early Graduation Scholarships. We are creating an incentive for students – who are ready – to graduate early. $2,500 will be available for each semester a student graduates early. Let’s help those students who are ready to graduate.

Click here to download the draft of the bill.
Click here to read Richard McLellan’s memo to Governor Snyder’s education team.
Click here to read Appendix B to the McLellan memo.
Click here to send comments and proposals to the Michigan Public Education Finance Project regarding the first draft of the Michigan Public Education Finance Act.

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Beth Horne

Departmental Analyst

Office of Special Education