Chistmas Party

It is with disappointment that the SPEAKS Education board had to cancel the annual Christmas party this year. The lack of donations and funding is why thwy made this decision.
The board has decided to do some type of Family Fun Day in mid February with donation money and fund raising opportunities in the near future.
We are sorry to have to make this decision but we know our families and supporters understand why this decision has to be made.
If you have questions please contact Dorie France-Winegard at 906-647-1263.

Getting Ready for the Age of Majority– Webinar from PACER Center


Age of majority is the age when children legally become adults. At this time, they gain the rights of adults, which include the right to vote, marry, apply for a credit card, make medical and financial decisions for themselves, sign contracts, live independently, and much more. In most states the age of majority is age 18.

This webinar discusses:

  • why age of majority is a critical issue for parents and youth with disabilities alike;
  • the importance of starting early and building young people’s decision-making skills;
  • resources, strategies, and tools for preparing youth for reaching their age of majority;
  • the valuable role that supported decision-making and person-centered planning can play in supporting the young person after he or she gains their majority; and
  • the part that Parent Centers can play in moving this message forward

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