What trainings are you interested in and where?

We are looking at our calendars folks- and we were wondering what trainings you would like to see in your area. Are you needing more info on how an IEP works? Are you a new parent with a child of a disability? Do you feel you need better communication skills in meetings? Are you unfamiliar with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? Let us know the area of need and where you are located and if we can get at least 15 people signed up you have yourself a training!

Flu! Flu! Flu!…How are you and your house preparing for the Flu season, and how are you preventing the Flu from taking over?

Its that time of year again when our schools have low attendence ratings for the yucky flu bug. Every year the flu season comes and goes. This year is one of the worst flu seasons yet next to the Flu season of 2003-2004. How did you prepare for the flu season? Did your family get the Flu vaccine? How are you preventing the Flu from taking over your household? We are always washing hands, spraying disinfectant on door handles, water fountains getting cleaned. We know that no matter how hard you try to prevent having the Flu,  there is always a way it sneaks in. Give us your thoughts and ideas. Who knows- it may help someone else.


Welcome to SPEAKS Education’s blog. We are so happy to have finally figured out how to get the blog up and running. This is a great way to start a conversation, ask questions, and be resourceful to one another. We ask that everyone is respectful, polite, and follow the basic tools you would teach to your child when approaching one another through the blog. It is very important that we keep the environment light, happy and positive. Remember you can always find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SpeaksEducation, or through our contact info through our website. Enjoy blogging! Keep your eye out because we will keep this updated and different subjects needing your input will occur!