Position available for TEAM Assistant.

his is a part time position, 35 hours per week

Rate of pay is $14040.00 annually

There are no fringe benefits or insurance


Job Description:

The team assistant will assist the Native American Consultant and the Executive Director by answering phones, making appointments, entering data into data system, preparing the training materials, ordering supplies, Setting up the trainings for the staff. The team assistant will also be asked to other office duties by the consultant and the executive director.


Job Requirements:

The applicant must have a child with a disability or worked with a child with a disability. The applicant must have office knowledge in using a data system and how to make appointments, work with staff on training materials and preparing the training folders. The applicant should know computer programs such as excel, word, publisher and how to work on a website and social media. The applicant should know the special education laws and policies and how to maneuver the websites for these laws. This position will assist the executive director and Native consultant with office operations.


Please complete the application and email to: advocatedorie@live.com

Download (PDF, 88KB)

Download (PDF, 99KB)